Winston Spear is a unique comedian with a deep deadpan delivery who has been called the King of the Obscure. Although his slightly disturbed sensibility makes him a sure-fire hit, there is a certain charisma that endears Winston Spear to audiences when he performs. He is a regular cast member and staff writer on CTV and The Comedy Network’s hit sketch show Comedy Inc. which will be airing its second season this coming winter.

Winner of the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Stand-up Comic in 2003, Spear has been performing in comedy clubs throughout North America for more than a decade. In fact, comedy once took him to the United Arab Emirates to perform. Winston refers to his ability to incorporate physical comedy into his act as “comedic modern dance.”

For the past six years, Spear has been the resident host of the ALT.COMedy Lounge , a hip alternative showcase for comedians in Toronto. The showcase takes place at the Rivoli, which just happens to be where The Kids in the Hall were discovered.

Winston’s experience extends into a variety of television and film projects. He has been featured on Comedy Now! , Comics! , Open Mike with Mike Bullard and, with his sketch troupe Lame & Shooster, on SketchCom . Winston has also written and performed his own video shorts entitled Crack Doll House being featured on sketch series The Bobroom on The Comedy Network. Winston has also been a guest star on CBC’s long running Air Farce , The Holmes Show , as Winston the Cellar Dweller on the 6-part series The Se├ín Cullen Show and on Toronto 1’s The Toronto Show .