Tony Venditti is the original wise guy of stand up comedy. Tony stepped on a
comedy stage for an amateur night in 1986 and has never looked back. In
fact he was hired immediately to fill in for a comedian that had cancelled the weekend’s engagement.

In the past seventeen years, Tony has become one of Canada’s top headline
acts. His combination of material, charisma and razzamatazz has helped
him earn the respect of other comedians and employers alike. His ethnicity
has also been a plus in Canada’s multicultural environment. Tony loves to
interact with the audience always funny never mean spirited.

Tony Venditti has appeared on Comedy at Club 54 more times than any other comic. He has also appeared on Cooking with Comics and on CTV’s annual Hospital for Sick Kids Telethon. Tony has also performed internationally in the USA, England, and Dominican Republic and of course Italy.