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“Russell Peters is arguably North America’s premier East-Indian comic. Russell has been doing DESI comedy for thirteen years, a tenure that earns him pioneer status in the scarcely staffed genre of brown laughs. It has also earned Russell Peters worldwide acclaim.” The Mirror (Montreal)

“He’s controversial, silly, cerebral, profane, eloquent, a fine mimic, purposefully self-effacing and proves time after time his ability to whip up a crowd. Russell Peters pounds out wild and crazy mayhem that packs an insidious political wallop. NOW Magazine (Toronto)

In his native Canada, this thirty-something, Gemini Award-winning stand-up comedian is a bonafide star. With South Asian roots, Russell explores attitudes towards race (his and others) in a way that is fresh, engaging and downright hilarious. Russell combines his bright observations with a deeply likeable, youthful, hip-hop stage persona and an attitude that is uptempo and cheeky. Comedically speaking, he’s an international spokesperson on clashing cultures.

Russell has been nominated for 4 Gemini Awards (Canada’s answer to the Emmy Awards). Most recently, he was nominated at the Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Male Comic. He has been featured repeatedly at Montreal’s prestigious “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh (Scotland) Comedy Festival, and a host of others across the globe. His television appearances include CBC-TV’s “COMICS!,” “CLUB CLASS” on Channel 5 (UK) and two one-hour “COMEDY NOW” specials on The Comedy Network in Canada (also aired on Comedy Central in the U.S.A.). His Comedy Now performances remain one of The Comedy Network’s most popular and requested shows of all time. He has also hosted a 13-part television series on BBC-TV (UK) and performed on the David Frost Comedy Festival Special, broadcast on both the BBC and the CBC.

On tour, Russell Peters is one of the hardest working comedians around. Russell tours extensively and tirelessly across Canada and the United States, playing not only comedy clubs like Yuk Yuk’s or The Improv, but universities and concert theatres. He has toured throughout Britain, Scotland, Ireland, as well as in places like Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Sweden, Holland, South Africa, Dubaia and most points in between. He has also performed a sold-out tour of South Africa and was featured on the Just For Laughs Singapore Tour, to name a few.

Future projects include live DVD and CD releases, and many, many more concert appearances around the world.