Canada’s fastest-rising comic impressionist! In his first year alone, he went from appearing on amateur nights at local comedy clubs, to winning “Yuk Yuk’s Search for Canada’s funniest New Comic” award.

In addition to countless corporate/convention performances, and newspaper/radio interviews across North America, Ron’s list of credits and appearances includes:

�”History Bites” S&S Productions (The Red Green Show)

Currently in second season of starring role in Gemini-nominated comedy series. Broadcast on History Television and TVO.

�”The Improv” Los Angeles (with Damon and Keenan Ivory Wayans).

�”Open Mike with Mike Bullard” (3 appearances) CTV and The Comedy Network.

�”Dini” CTV.

�”Variety Club Telethon” Global-TV (Toronto, Ont.)

�”Mother’s Day Telethon” ON-TV.

�”Comedy at Club 54″ (3 appearances) ON-TV.

�”Comedy Kitchen” ON-TV.

�”The Comedy Trap” CBC Radio.

Ron has also appeared with Jay Leno (NBC Studios, Burbank), Tanya Tucker, Mike Bullard, The Village People, The Nylons, and many, many others.

Whether he is performing his regular hilarious show or acting as an emcee, Ron Pardo is a real crowd pleaser. He loves to entertain and it shows! His rural charm and quick wit make him a favourite with audiences everywhere. Ron, is 37 years old and lives in Cambridge, Ontario with his wife, Colleen, and their two children. He taught elementary school in Cambridge for 12 years.

Ron’s “Las Vegas-style” act features over 100 impressions. You’ll meet everyone from political figures like President Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Lucien Bouchard and Brian Mulroney to Al Bundy, the casts of television shows MAS*H, “The Simpsons”, “The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Hour”, and SO MANY MORE!

His comedy is always topical, based on events going on in our world…from the latest fiasco in Quebec, to the current state of affairs and political scandals in Canada and the United States.

As illustrated in his bio photo, Ron also does “full dress characters” (for television, some corporate shows, and special events only) were his physical resemblance to many of his characters is uncannily realistic.

Ron Pardo grew up in Pardoville, a small community near Chatham, Ontario, named after his ancestors. “We used to get all of the television stations from Detroit and I remember watching lots of TV as a kid, especially cartoons. I started off doing voices like Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, and Sylvester the Cat. I guess I never really stopped watching TV and I just kept on adding more and more voices.”

As Ron grew up, he became increasingly influenced by the rock and roll sounds of the Motor City. “My favourite group from the Detroit area was Grand Funk Railroad. When I was in high school, I started playing drums and I knew every drum beat on all of their records. I could play along with them note for note.” Eventually, Ron joined a local band as a drummer and he also started to learn to sing and play guitar.

The call of show business wasn’t as strong as his parents’ call on him to get a good education and “real job”. He went to university and Teacher’s College, and ended up teaching Grade 7 at a Catholic elementary school in his new home of Cambridge, Ontario. As Ron tells it, the only difference between teaching in a Public school and a Catholic school is “you still get two months off a year, but in a Catholic school you really feel guilty about it!”