For the past 10 years, Gord Paynter has been entertaining audiences throughout North America with his original brand of humor. Much of this humor is derived from the fact that Gord lost his eyesight at age 22, but his lack of vision has not affected his perceptiveness. If anything, it’s made him more perceptive, creating a unique style of comedy that never fails to leave the audiences laughing.

As well as regular appearances on the North American comedy club circuit, Gord has received international newspaper and radio coverage and been featured at Montreal’s “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival, CBC’s “The Journal” and “Fifth Estate”, CTV’s “The Shirley Show” and “The Dini Petty Show” and “The Late Show” from Los Angeles.

Since 1987, Gord has been performing “LEAVE ‘EM LAFFIN'”, a motivational show-lecture. Through the telling of his own story, he inspires his listeners to pursue their goals and dreams in life despite the obstacles and challenges they may encounter along the way. This story is presented in an upbeat manner and uses humor to deliver its message in an entertaining and effective way. Gord has performed “LEAVE ‘EM LAFFIN'” more than 800 times.