Glen Foster has been a headliner on the Canadian comedy circuit for almost twenty years. He has also performed in The United States, Great Britain and Australia. His unique blend of clever, observational humour, and his ability to entertain a wide variety of audiences have also made him a favourite at company parties, sales conferences, golf tournaments and other corporate functions.

Glen recently starred in his own Comedy Network Special, “That Canadian Guy”, and has appeared on numerous other television shows including CBC’s “Comics”, “Just for Laughs”, “Open Mike” and “Comedy at Club 54”. He has also written for a number of televison shows, and has even provided humourous political commentary for CTV’s “W-Five”.

Glen has made five appearances at “Just For Laughs”, the renowned Montreal International Comedy Festival. He has also been invited to other comedy festivals around the world, including The Chicago Comedy Festival and “The Mayfest” in Glasgow, Scotland. Glen has been the “on board” entertainment on a number of cruises as well, and has made two trans-Atlantic crossings.

A former advertising “creative guy”, Glen typifies the middle-aged, middle-class, middle-management guy who’s struggling desperately to keep pace with an ever changing world. Beneath his quiet, reserved exterior, there is frustration, confusion and even anger. Fortunately in Glen’s case, his angst doesn’t manifest itself in a shooting spree, but in some of the most clever, imaginative comedy anywhere. Glen’s act is not just a string of one-liners, but an intricate, interwoven pattern of humorous and often thought-provoking ideas and observations. His delivery alternates between laid back, low key musing and sudden explosive ranting. He’s topical, political, and occasionally even “politically incorrect”. Most of all though, he’s just very very funny.

His superb showmanship has also won him the BC Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year Award no less than four times, in 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988. He was also selected to open the CCMA Awards Show in Vancouver in 1987, Ottawa in 1989, Edmonton in 1990 and Hamilton in 1991. In April, 2001, a tour of UN bases in Eritrea, Africa added yet another highlight. He is in constant demand to deliver the opening entertainment at country music galas across North America.